Holly Neck
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Mon June 17th 7:30PM 
Back River Rec Center
June 20TH

Please consider volunteering to clean your community ~ Volunteers please meet at Rural Legacy sign @ 8:00 AM
Marshy Point Camp
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Be sure to see the Osprey lit at night via solar lighting on the Rte 702 Rotary
2019 Poker Run
June 29th
Tuesday July 16th
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Hart Miller Island Tour (Click on Photo)

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Double Rainbow on Holly Beach
Thursday 4/07/16 at 6PM
2015 Christmas Party
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2015 Fall Festival
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"Go Fund Me" Campaign
The Back River Neck Peninsula is an environmentally sensitive area which is now being threatened with over development. Bald Eagles, Osprey, Barred Owls and many other species of wild life along with us humans call this estuary home. Unfortunately, our representatives are not representing us and the process put in place to protect this and many other areas is a farce. One need only look at the Baltimore County politicians campaign finance reports to see who our representatives are representing and that is big developers with deep pockets who don't care about who or what they hurt just to make a profit. It is time that this corruption is stopped. A development has been approved despite going against all that was set up to protect this environmentally sensitive place. We are committed to saving this peninsula. After we fight this fight we are going to commit to help others save their neighborhoods and green spaces. Please donate to help with this important cause. It is time that we all stand together to stop the destruction of this environmentally sensitive area and to stop the destruction and disappearance of our green spaces.
2015 Poker Run - 
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Holly Neck Christmas Party
2014 Powerless Poker Run -
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2013 Fall Festival -
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